How Women Can benefit From Watching Porn

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How Women Can benefit From Watching Porn


Whenever the word porn comes around, people automatically think that men must be the ones watching it. It has been a long misconception that men make up the large majority of those who view porn. While that may be true in part, there have been significant changes. The past few years, more women than ever have been viewing porn. Not just lesbian women, but heterosexual ladies who enjoy watching porn pics, sex GIFS and adult videos.


So with women viewing porn at higher numbers, there has to be something to take away from it. How can women benefit from watching porn? Although there are those who argue that spending too much time watching porn can be hurtful, there are exceptions. Too much of anything often has negative effects, depending on what it is. Research has led some to argue that men who view too much porn can end up hurting their relationships and personal life. Yet other studies show that there are some positives to viewing adult material. Do these rules apply to women as well? The following list of benefits for women who watch porn may help shed light on the matter.

Boost Your Sexual Drive

Experts often debate how spending too many hours looking at porn can lead to being addicted to sex. However, there are those out there who may need to increase their libido. For those with low sex drives, viewing porn may help boost their sexual drive. Several studies done showed that women – and men – who view porn, were more inclined to want to have sex. Visual sexual stimulation seems to work for both sexes when it comes to increase in libido.


Become More Vocal With Partner Sexually


One of the things which people who watch porn pictures, sex videos and animated porn GIF images enjoy is the loud expressions. In the movies, most women having sex often shout loudly in ecstasy. Their vocal pleasure stimulates those who watch them. The same rule can be applied to women who view porn. Looking at porn can make you feel more comfortable in the bedroom. It can become much easier for you to express your feelings, desires and fantasies pertaining to sex. In the end, women can wind up being more vocal in the bedroom.

Great Stress Reliever

The high demands and fast paced of today’s world is the main cause of stress for most people. Women typically have too many things to deal with which makes them even more vulnerable to high levels of stress. Watching porn can help alleviate those stress levels. There is a hormone produced by our brains whenever we are stressed out. It is called cortisol and it stops the problem solving abilities of our brains. Yet some studies found that those who viewed porn pictures did far better in math tests than others who did not.


Makes You Comfortable About Your Body

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Females are very self-conscious about their bodies. Too often, many of them feel embarrassed or are hesitant to show it off; especially in the bedroom. Yet watching porn pics, sex GIF Images and videos of adult material can change that. Viewing other women’s bodies and seeing that they all have different ones, works to your benefit. It makes you understand that all women are different and so are their bodies. Seeing the women having sex in porn material will let others feel more comfortable in their own skin. In turn, they can perform with much more confidence and have better sex.

Lets You Discover And Explore


There could be hidden desires, fantasies or fetishes you may have. But, since you never explored them, you may not even know about them. One of the great things about watching porn is how it can help you discover your sexuality. Since porn has so many different categories, you could find out about things you like or do not. At the same time, you may want to explore new things you see on a porn video with your partner.


Learn New Sex Moves

If there’s one thing porn stars are notorious for, is their ability to do the impossible when it comes to sex moves. While many of them are exaggerated or for show, there are some you can use. Not all of the moves are normal or for everyday sex. However, there are those which can give you ideas or ones you can do with your partner. You can learn new moves you see in a porn sex video or GIF image and try it out later.

You Can Satisfy Your Own Desires

Men love to watch porn material because it often leads them to masturbate. Women who view pornography may be inclined to play with themselves as well. In turn, they can end up satisfying themselves sexually. While masturbation cannot replace sex, it does serves a purpose when it comes to allowing you to climax. You know exactly how you want to be touched and what buttons need to be pushed. Giving yourself a hand to do so will let you enjoy yourself. Plus, a woman can also ask her partner or a friend to give a lending hand in the matter.